GPT Assistant

Premiere Edition!

GPT Assistant is interactive AI for Windows XP and above. If you have ever been frustrated with a certain paper clip trying to be helpful, or an infamous cute purple monkey secretly wreaking havoc over your PC, then this application might be for you. While GPT Assistant might not restore your faith in humanity, it might restore your faith in these cute little assistants.

GPT Assistant, showing Clippit with a input window bubble asking if you want him to write you a letter. Also showing a GPT Assistant UI with a question of why Clippy is so hated
GPT Assistant, showing Bonzi on Windows Vista


GPT Assistant is free software available under GNU General Public License 2. This is GPT Assistant 1.0 Premiere Edition. Premiere Edition means it is full of bugs that we will squash mercilessly in further releases.


GPT Assistant requires Windows XP or higher to run; it may or may not be possible in the future to target earlier versions. This also requires an Agent implementation; either Microsoft Agent or Double Agent. See the notes for your operating system below.

You will need an OpenAI API key to use this software which you can get from the OpenAI Platform hub which requires a valid payment card. OpenAI will bill you for your usage of this tool. We have no plans to implement any free proxy server.

If you have a vintage system running an older version of Windows that GPT Assistant does not support, try WinGPT for 16-bit Windows.

Windows XP:

Windows XP requires Service Pack 2 at minimum to be installed. We also recommend installing Internet Explorer 8 as well. The UI view for the chat is powered by IE's Trident engine, and has not been tested on any lower versions of IE.

Windows XP has Microsoft Agent built-in. We do not recommend using Double Agent on Windows XP. No other dependencies are required to run GPT Assistant on Windows XP.

Windows Vista:

GPT Assistant should run out of the box on Windows Vista with IE 8 or 9 installed. You may alternatively run Double Agent instead of Microsoft Agent if you prefer.

Windows 7:

Windows 7 does not officially support Microsoft Agent, however Microsoft has made it available in Hotfix 969168. They are linked below for your convenience:

Alternatively you can use Double Agent on Windows 7.

Windows 8, 10, 11:

You must use Double Agent on these versions of Windows. Microsoft Agent is unsupported.

Double Agent

Double Agent is a GPL free software re-implementation of the Microsoft Agent COM API's. It is compatible with all Microsoft Agent applications including GPT Assistant. This is required for using GPT Assistant on modern Windows.


Here is the quick overview:

  1. Install any dependencies required for your platform above.
  2. Extract the contents of GPTAGENT.ZIP to your hard disk.
  3. Put the .ACS characters you want to use in C:\Windows\MSAGENT\chars\ directory.
  4. Run GPTAGENT.EXE and a system tray icon will be created.
  5. Right click the robot tray icon, select Options...
  6. Summon the character, ask it a question, and have fun!


The default character path for .ACS files is: C:\Windows\MSAGENT\chars\

Both implementations of Agent will search this directory for characters in the chooser. Double Agent's character selection dialog will show all available characters installed in this directory. Microsoft Agent will only show a selection of characters that have a "Standard Animation Set". This means that all Office Assistant characters, Bonzi, and others may not show up in the Choose Assistant dialog. For this you will need to use the Select Custom Agent option in GPT Assistant's Options.

Microsoft Stock Characters:

Merlin, Peedy, Robby and Genie were freely redistributable by Microsoft for the Agent platform. We are including their character files here for download.

Bonzi Buddy:

Bonzi Buddy (the infamous computer virus) was also powered by a Microsoft Agent .ACS file. As the company is no longer and the software was developed by a couple of sus brothers, We are providing the cute purple monkey in .ACS format below.

This file is 100% safe to use. While Bonzi Buddy itself was a virus, this file does not contain executable code that can harm your computer; only animation data and sound effects. It is safe to use with GPT Assistant and other non-malicious Microsoft Agent enabled applications.

Office 2000, XP, 2003 Assistants:

Microsoft Office assistants from 2000, XP and 2003 can also be used. If you are using Double Agent you can copy to the system character directory C:\Windows\MSAGENT\chars\. If you are using Microsoft Agent you need to manually specify the path.

Due to copyright concerns we will not be providing these characters; you will need to source them yourself from your old copy of Office. When you have that copy of Office installed the .ACS files will be in C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\OfficeX (where X is 9, 10 or 11).

If you searched your closet for that old vintage copy of Microsoft Office and found that your disc is unreadably scratched you might be able to find a replacement copy by searching



I made this software because I thought it would be humorous to combine Agent characters with the power of OpenAI. I will describe how this was built in further detail similar to the author of WinGPT, in an upcoming update.